adalah situs berita teknologi, game, gadget dan info promo produk elektronik, gadget, smartphone terkini. Pada Selalutekno, Anda bisa menemukan empat kategori konten yakni :

Teknonews yang berisi berita-berita teknologi, gadget dan game terkini.

Teknospec menyajikan spesifikasi gadget terbaru

Teknoevent menginformasikan acara / event terbaru di Indonesia

Teknoprice Berisi informasi daftar harga terkini smartphone, gadget, console dan kamera

Teknopromo Menginformasikan promo dan diskon menarik untuk berbagai produk elektronik seperti Laptop, Notebook, gadget dan smartphone.


Selalutekno is a site that provides accurate and concise news and information about popular technology such as gadget, game,  computer ,gizmo and other relevant information that you should know. In this site you can also check out spesification of various technological product that is concise and easy to read.

Selalutekno is divided into three category :

Teknonews is about the latest and greatest news about technological information that you should know.

Teknospec provides various spesification of a tech products that presented in an concise and easy to understand information.

Teknoevent provides info and coverage of tech event.

Teknoprice provides various deals, promo and tech gadget and smartphone prices

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